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Skin Care Treatments

Up to the age of about 25 years, our cells contain cell supporting molecules (C.S.M.) in a sufficient quantity. Then their number decreases with increasing age and so does the exchange of information within and among the cells.

Dr. Kleanthous principle is based on the continuous improvement of the skin structure by means of cell supporting molecules (C.S.M.) whether it is a matter of wrinkles, eye bags, tired tissue or even hair loss, cell supporting molecules (C.S.M.) help revitalize the skins functions in a durable and reliable way : this is the basis for real anti-aging. Treating skin with ultrasonic waves expands the inter cellular spaces so that waste products can be removed. These waste products deprive the skin of a great deal of moisture. As soon as the waste products have drained, the skin cell can absorb and store more moisture. This improves the moisture metabolism, enabling the skin to reactivate it self and the skin can absorb active ingredients better when it is freed of waste products. Ultrasound at a frequency of 1 MHz is capable of cleansing the skin right down to the connecting tissue. It also opens the way for the cell supporting molecules and boosts the energy metabolism to make a substantial contribution to regeneration.


Mini facial 30 min $60.00
For those with time constraints, this treatment is customized for your skin type and includes exfoliation, massage and ultrasonic treatment.
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Facial – Dehydrated Skin 90 Minutes – $140.00
This facial purifies the skin first, allowing it to regain it capability to store moisture. Ultrasound is able to purify the inter cellular spaces.
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Facial – Complex H- Mimic Wrinkles 90 Minutes – $140.00
For those with wrinkles caused by facial expressions, frown lines, crows feet and likes around the mouth. This special complex of active ingredients aids in both muscle relaxation and tightening. The enormous skin rejuvenation effect is immediately noticeable.
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Facial – Problem Skin 90 Minutes – $140.00
Skin that inclined to be impure or inflamed profits from the in depth purification with ultrasound, protecting skins natural PH level.
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Facial – Couperose Skin/ Rosecea 90 Minutes – $140.00
Small dilated capillaries that appear on the cheeks and nose can be caused by high blood pressure and environmental conditions or may occur in the case of intense heat or cold. 24/7 couperose serum calms and reduces the redness. Cell supporting molecules strengthen the capillary walls.
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Sono Beauty Lifting Facial
1 Treatment $ 300.00Purchase Gift Certificate
6 Treatments $ 1800.00
9 Treatments $ 2700.00

A non-surgical face lift using ultrasound, sonobioresonance & colour therapy. Results are immediately noticeable after 1 treatment. This treatment help firm and lift loose, sagging skin by strengthening the facial muscles.

  • smooths lines and wrinkles
  • helps provide elasticity to connective tissues
  • helps promote the metabolism of collagen
  • improves blood circulation

this non-invasive procedure is a great alternative to Botox and Restylane. Effects can be seen immediately and even increase over a period of 3-4 months, it has to be applied at least six times in a brief period. It is also highly advisable to use Kleanthous care products C.S.M.’s.

Eye Lift Treatment 30 minutes – $35.00
This treatment nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates and reduces fine lines, dark circles and puffiness from the eye contour area. Vitamins and minerals are massaged into the eye area followed by collagen mask that molds to the eye contour area. Treatment concludes with an eye repair ampoule.
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Cleansing Back Treatment 75 minutes – $85.00
This treatment begins with a full back exfoliation, hot towel treatment will follow in the removal of impurities. A relaxation back massage is performed and finally a back mask is applied. Purifies and detoxifies your back areas.
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